It's cold outside and all I wanna do is drink coffee in the mornings - and lots of it! Mixed with the bad habit of Diet Dr. Pepper drinking + love of a good cab (I'm not a white wine, rose gal try as I might) my teeth suffer, y'all. Sometimes I really think I should only drink water and that lasts for about hmmmmm half a day. Needless to say, I was SO excited when I had the opportunity to partner with Smile Brilliant! Because, let's be honest - I might give up the sodas but coffee and wine aren't going anywhere.

I've noticed a tremendous change since I started whitening. My front teeth have always been relatively white and shiny, but all my other teeth (those on the sides of my smile - canines to be exact) have not withstood the trails of time and have turned a little more, and a little more yellow over the years. Smile Brilliant fixed the problem, provided the answer to all my dental woes! Or, most of them anyway. I'm still not loving the silver fillings I got 10 years ago..... sigh. But, I'm soaking up this bright white smile and have my teeth whitening trays to thank for boosting my confidence - I like to think my smile is one of my strongest attributes :)

The process itself is really neat. You start off with creating some impressions that you send off to Smile Brilliant to ensure your trays are a perfect fit for your teeth and ultimately have the capacity to do a great job whitening. Once your trays come in, you can start using them immediately! You're provided with both teeth whitening gel and desensitizing gel. I've been whitening for about 45 minutes and then applying the desensitizing gel for about 15. It's best to do it before going to bed because you're not supposed to drink anything after you've completed the steps. Honestly, you can see results after two applications (I think I saw a difference after one but I can be a tad bit dramatic and somewhat of an over-exaggerator, just sayin).

All this is to say that I feel better about my smile than I have in a really long time and it's all because of the incredible teeth whitening kit that Smile Brilliant offers! And, as long as I continue to use my retainers and my teeth don't move, I can continue using my trays and simply order refill packages of the gel to continue whitening over time. I'm excited you guys! A white smile makes a world of difference and serves as a huge self esteem boost.

This is why I'm incredibly excited to offer you - my amazing followers! - a chance to win $149 credit to Smile Brilliant to get your very own kit!

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And, even if you're not the lucky winner, I'm encouraging you to give Smile Brilliant a shot.

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It's so much more affordable than the whitening systems offered by dental offices and I'm confident that you'll be pleased with your results (not sure my teeth could get any whiter and I'm not complaining). I'd love to hear what you think! To me, investing in something you wear every day is a no-brainer.