What's your "thing"? Mine has kinda always been my hair - although I did go through a horribly awkward phase in 6th grade or so. I decided to cut it and it was before straighteners were really a thing. My frizzy, thick hair made for a nice little afro. In fact my guy friends used to call me "Afro Thunder" and I HATED it. Lol ohhh the good ol' days. 

I always think I'm gonna get brave enough to chop it again, but then I use my better judgement (or fear, ha) and decide I'll keep it as is awhile longer. Therefore, it's critical to use quality products to maintain a healthy mane - sometimes I think I'm so clever ;) 

I'm slowly but surely transitioning to a more organic, eco-friendly lifestyle and Whole Foods has all the things. Really. From skin care, to body care, to makeup and hair care. I've been a long-time user of Biolage, Big Sexy Hair, Pureology - but, I'm finding out just how much I like the all-natural products from Whole Foods. Here's what I have in my bathroom right now:

Alba Botanica - Hawaiian Detox Shampoo - Daily clarifying volcanic clay (complete hair and scalp cleanse to renew body and shine)

Alba Botanica - Hawaiian Marula Miracle - Therapy moisture cleansing conditioner (lightly cleans and conditions between regular shampooing)

Alba Botanica - Hawaiian Marula Miracle - Therapy moisture shot (hydro-boosts other hair products)

John Masters Organics - Spray de Cheveux - All natural, plant-based hair spray offers an excellent, flexible hold with no flaky residue. Six organic ingredients suffuse hair with beneficial nutrients while delivering an all-day hold with a light, citrus scent. (YOU GUYS, I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! NO JOKE, BEST EVER. Smells so good and holds curl like no other - especially if you like beach waves)

Acure - Dry Shampoo - Easy to use, fast acting dry shampoo that absorbs oil and removes grime. It's convenient and effective! (It smells good and it WORKS. I'm not gonna lie, I dumped a little too much on my head the other day and looked like Albert Einstein for a hot minute lol a small amount goes a long way)

2chic - Brazilian Keratin and Argan Oil Ultra-Sleek Leave-In Conditioning and Styling Elixir - This product allows you to: smooth and style every strand; seduce with softness and shine; reduce frizz; defend against split ends; and is safe for color treated hair.

So, there ya have it! A round-up of all my favorite hair care products from Whole Foods. All hair care, body care, face care, sunscreen and lip balm are 25% off through tomorrow. This is the perfect time to stock up if you're looking for quality products to keep your hair healthy and vibrant. Check out my last "beauty" post if you're looking for great skin care products - they've truly changed my life. My face has never been clearer! 

If you ever have any specific questions about products like these, don't hesitate to ask! Healthy hair and a clear complexion are game changers - huge self-esteem boosters and all women deserve to feel beautiful <3

xo - Courtney