If you ever find yourself in a little old sleepy town called Clovis, you won't find skyscrapers, you won't find mountains or waterfalls, but you'll find a couple restaurants that are worth checking out. Every time I go home, which is typically just for a weekend, I try to stuff as many of these places into one visit as I can. Aaaand my pants feel it when I leave 🙈 (Not to mention my granny's homemade food that tops any restaurant I've ever been to). 

So, there are five places I'd recommend and one of them is solely because my best friend (hey, Steph 👋🏼) would be disappointed if I left it out 😬 It's good, yeah - but, I don't frequent it like she does. One time we ate there when we were little with her older sister (who is now my aunt because she married my mom's younger brother - they met through us when we were 5!) and we didn't have enough money to pay for our food 🙈 We were probably 8 and Nikki was 15ish. Soooo we said well it is Steph's birthday (*no it wasn't*) hoping for a discount and we got "oh that's great! Happy birthday! We'll take a Polaroid picture of you and give you a special dessert for $5 more" 😒  I'll never forget how mad Steph was, crying while we ran home and broke open her piggy bank 😂 So, I really do need to include Shogun on my list. Despite the traumatic experience, that's still Steph's favorite place to eat when we're home! 

Shogun Japanese Steak House

Recommendation by Steph: Start off with teriyaki mushrooms and a salad with ginger dressing. Then, enjoy hibachi steak with miso soup, fried rice and vegetables!  

Foxy Drive In (pictured here) is a retro outlet with a varied comfort-food menu and soda fountain for dine-in, take out or curb service. It's as cool as it looks and the food is delicious! I, admittedly, used to have a very poor diet and I can't help indulging when I'm home 😳 So, you'll see that my food recommendations are perhaps a little less than desirable if you're tryna not develop diabetes 🙈 But, they're okay in moderation! 

Recommended food items: Cherry a la mode, french fries and a cherry cream sprite (cream = actual scoop of ice cream 😋)

My friends and I ate here every Friday for lunch in high school. We'd be in our cheerleading/football uniforms ready for game day (because football in this small town is like Friday Night Lights). 

Next on the list (they're not in any particular order) is Leal's. You guys this meme was made for their chips and salsa:


Jk, but really. Can't stop won't stop (it's all fun and games until your pants don't fit, right?) Fortunately (or unfortunately, however you choose to look at this) Leal's chips and salsa are available in some grocery stores.  So, taking Leal's home isn't all that difficult. I could eat an entire bag of chips and jar of salsa by myself in one sitting if I wanted to.

Recommended menu items: Bean and cheese burrito (if you know me, shocker *sarcasm*), beef fajita quesadillas, regular chicken/beef fajitas (I think they're good, this is what my grandparents order every time we go) 

Okay, onto the next. Twin Cronnie Drive-In. This is a quick, tasty place to drop in and grab a good soda and snack. I think I remember eating steak fingers and fried okra here years ago (not sure why I stopped?) but I do remember the okra being delicious - with ranch or gravy. I know, I know you're probably wondering if I really eat all of this junk and I used to a lot more than I do now! I still like to treat myself when I go home but my diet's a lot more structured and yoga keeps me in check.

Recommended menu items: Bean and cheese burrito and "Purple Rain" which is this delicious purple drink (I think it's sprite, cherry and coconut but I'm not totally sure)

Lastly, THE hometown favorite of anyone I've ever met... Taco Box. Yep, not Taco Bell, not Taco Villa, Taco Box. It's probably just as nostalgic as it is delicious. I've had mostly everything on the menu because I couldn't begin to count the number of times I've eaten there. So, if you're only passing through Clovis and have a quick minute for a bite - this is your place. There's one in Portales, too.  

Recommended menu items: Snack Pack A (no sauce, cherry Sierra Mist) ⬅️ does it sound like I've been ordering that for years? I have. It's a.... big surprise.... bean and cheese burrito lol my food interests have grown exponentially since I lived in Clovis but this is what I liked when I was younger (and if I had one meal left to eat it'd be a bean and cheese burrito with a side of french fries). Also good on the menu: steak and potato burrito, mozzarella sticks (unlike any I've had anywhere else), bag of chips, monkey bites and the flavored drinks are just second to none. Sonic really can't compete. Bad habits, but I like their Diet Dr Pepper with cherry and my mom likes strawberry Mountain Dew.  

So, there ya have it! My five favorite spots to eat in Clovis, NM. And, I know I'm going to have to redeem myself after this post. I'll share my favorite (healthier) spots in Santa Fe and Albuquerque soon!

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Enjoy, guys! And have a fabulous week :)

xo - Courtney

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