What can I say? New Mexico is filled with natural beauty. Everywhere you turn, there's something to admire. Whether it's a charming tiled door, a field of lavender, or a waterfall like this, you just can't beat the breathtaking sights and experiences that are at your fingertips in the southwest! 

I enjoyed quality time with my family this Labor Day weekend and spent an afternoon hiking Nambe Falls. So close to Santa Fe and so worth the effort to take in this incredible view. 

I've gotta admit, I thought it was going to be a leisurely walk/hike and so I didn't dress appropriately for the occasion 🙈 My "leisurely" experience wasn't so leisurely (I really am embarrassed to share, but if you make your way here I want you to be fully prepared for what you're committing to). We were told by the park ranger that there were a couple "wet" spots along the way, so when I was knee deep in water I was a little confused 🤔 my mom and I walked barefooted for about a quarter of a mile in water (and yes, we stepped on those tiny sharp rocks that take your breath away 😵) I would highly recommend wearing shorts and hiking shoes, it would have been a lot easier BUT my mom and I are always up for adventures and we weren't going to let the wrong shoes stop us! 

We made it to the top (well she did, I almost did - close enough - but then I started having anxiety because I kept looking down and fearing that my clumsy self might slip and fall if I attempted to climb any higher). Boy oh boy, this was truly a beautiful sight to see! If you enjoy hiking and going on adventures but have never made your way here, I would highly recommend! 

As of the last year or so, because of a suggestion from some friends, I've really started focusing on taking in all the beauty of a place like this and reflecting on it before pulling out my phone to capture a shot. Sometimes I think we're so eager to get the next best pic that we forget to live in the moment and enjoy! 

Nambe Falls = just another fabulous hidden gem in the southwest!  

xo - Courtney