86 room roadside adobe brick motor court? Yes, please 🙋🏻‍♀️ Santa Fe’s charm will never grow old as long as swanky little spots like El Rey Court exist! 


If you’re traveling to Santa Fe, you at least need to stay a night or two - not only are the rooms suuuper chill and vibey, La Reina  (the hotel bar) is about as cool as they come. 


It was snowing when we stayed and nothing beats a delicious {warming} beverage + cozy fire 🔥 this place legit gives me all the southwestern feelz 🌵  


Felt a little like we were livin’ in the ‘60s and I didn’t mind it one bit - everywhere you turn there’s awesome art and the aesthetic of the entire space is an experience in and of itself. 


Rooms are spacious, unique and perfect for a true southwest experience. Throw in a daytrip to the hot springs in the Jemez Mountains and now you’re talkin. New Mexico is a beaut, y’all - in case you didn’t know.

El Rey Court is also super close to some of our favorite spots to grab delicious, mouth-watering meals - Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen, Opuntia and Paloma (to name a few).


This spot has claimed the tagline “Where Fast Lives Slow Down” and boy do they ever. The entire time we were enjoying this hidden gem, it felt like no time passed at all. True relaxation.

I should also mention - if you live in Santa Fe or travel to Santa Fe often, particularly in the summer months - you can purchase a seasonal membership to El Rey’s Swim Club which features a large pool in the heart of the property, as well as indoor and outdoor hot tubs and a sauna. If you’re familiar with the area, you know that this is not common. And, trust - you want a place to cool down on a hot high desert day.

The owners of El Rey have done a fab job in attracting a young, hip crowd. There’s always a good mix of locals + guests and regular live music. CHECK * IT * OUT

So there ya go, friends! Let me know if you have any questions about this incredible space built along the original route 66. The rates are affordable and the experience is worth every penny.

xo - Courtney