Pops of color to end the summer

…End the summer? 🥺 Can you believe it’s come and gone? Well… I think it’s still here for a little while in the PNW but I know it’s been… like real hot… for a real long time… back in New Mexico (folks are probably ready for cooler weather…?). And, school’s about to be back in session etc etc. So, basically summer is almost over. Wah wah 😫 not quite ready to think about fur vests and turtlenecks (Although, fall is admittedly my favorite time of year in the Southwest. Don’t think it’ll be my favorite time in the PNW because I’m almost certain it means more rain 🥴)

Working in fashion - I feel like I’m very season aware (even if the seasons aren’t on par with the majority of the US here in Portland, meaning it feels like summer barely started here and I’m already styling peeps in their utility jackets and velvet blazers lol) but for the weeks - month at best? - of summer that are left, I’m holding onto those pops of color. You’ll see it in my styling sesh with Art.i.fact:


What’s not to love about a flowy, bold dress? It really speaks for itself. Worn with nude heels/wedges OR cowboy boots - why not? This is a dress for some fun-havin’ (Gianna Bini dress - new with tags - is just one example of the flavorful collection Jennifer curates for her clients). Have you been into the store yet? If not, it’s a must-stop when you’re in Santa Fe. Trust me, you won’t leave empty handed. And, if you read my last blog post, you understand why I’m a big fan of consignment boutiques like this special one. Hint: *sustainable fashion*

Also, I did a poll on Instagram recently asking folks if they follow me for fashion or adventure. Results were almost 50/50 which inspired me (via Steven’s encouragement) to begin capturing some shots that incorporate both! I’m not gonna lie, it’s a lot easier to hike and not worry about bringing extra clothes, changing in the wilderness, and hoping sweat and smeared makeup aren’t visible in the photographs haha…


THIS. This was probably my favorite look. I can’t tell you how much I loved this royal blue, pleated linen vintage Gucci skirt (size medium, $95.20). It was 😎 and comfortable, which are both wins in my book. Aaaand the Manolo’s. Can’t forget about the Manolo’s. Different and very, very cool. Snake skin is IN this fall, so these ankle wrap high heels are perfect for the season transition. At $119 (size 7.5) they should go home with you - yes YOU 😏 this is like the universal size that most women wear… Lastly, this Illia vest (size 8, $149) in bone was awesome!!! Chic. And, very easy to style any season (sleeveless in the warmer weather, over a lightweight cashmere sweater in the cooler). With a washed leather front, jersey back, and asymmetrical zipper - a great closet investment 🙌🏼


There are those Manolo’s again. Styled with a completely different look. The last look was kinda like I’m gonna go to a fun dinner with friends, this one is like “oh hayyy, I’m fancy” The golden yellow, Burberry block skirt went home with me - sorry guys - but this Laquette top (size small, $19.20) could be yours. This mixed fabric top was unusual and could, undoubtedly, be styled numerous ways (white pants and strappy heels, heavily distressed denim and sandals, and so on) A combination of mesh and satin (if you zoom in you can see that it looks strapless but there’s a neutral mesh making up the top portion of the tank) this top won’t be forgotten in your wardrobe, just sayin.

There ya have it! Three looks from Art.i.fact and some beautiful New Mexico scenery to boot. Holla if you have any questions 🙂

xo - Courtney

southwestern summer style

It’s not always easy finding the time to write blog posts, but when there’s a special reason, I try to MAKE time. (Using in-flight time with no WiFi distractions to be productive)

Last time I was in New Mexico I got to style some looks for Art.i.fact - if you’ve been following my journey, you know this is a favorite place of mine. I absolutely adore Jennifer and Michael (boutique owners) and their fabulous team. Plus, Jennifer is exceptionally talented at curating the best selection of {recycled, if you will} luxury fashion. 

I’m a huge fan of consignment boutiques because the clothes available to consumers are getting a second life - having importance in a second home - playing a role in a new set of adventures. And, otherwise not ending up in landfills etc etc 

Not to mention, you pay a fraction of the cost for designer pieces. It’s pretty much a win-win for everyone 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

So {onward, before I start on some soapbox and take another month to finish this post lol} I wanted to share the looks I styled. These are just a few examples of the kinds of fabulous pieces Art.i.fact has available at any given time... 


First, I’m starting with this vintage dress ($41, size small) paired with a silk Prada blouse ($45, size small) because I was INSPIRED by these pieces. Anything that has a boho chic vibe has a space in my closet. Not to mention a touch of timelessness and sophistication - two of my *top* self style descriptors. The color of the dress is v i b r a n t ✨maybe too vibrant (for me) worn on its own. But, the beige silk blouse toned it down a bit and added a classy component to the overall look. The strappy Pikolinos ($31, size 7) were a comfortable and - somewhat unusual -conclusion to this luxurious southwestern look. 


There’s not a single thing I don’t love about these wide leg Prada pants ($71, size medium) Ummm how hard is it to find a fabulous pair of white pants? HARD. They don’t really exist IMHO. I have clients all the time that seriously feel defeated after trying on 10+ pair of white pants/jeans and deciding they look large and unattractive in every single pair. Fabric is too thin, fit is too tight, and so on. These pants right here should be replicated in mass quantities so every woman could own a pair and feel their very best in them. They’re that good. Also, just really easy to style. I went with neutral vibes (decided to add statement via accessories) and paired them with this black silk knit Gucci top ($95, size small). Some fun Kate Spade animal print heels and a highly admired Issey Miyake Bao Bao bag topped off the look.


Lastly, I’m not sure I’ve ever met a jumpsuit I didn’t like 🤔this utility style one was no exception. If jumpsuits are your thing too, you probably need this Carly Jean ($25, size small) one in your wardrobe. I wore a coral colored Neon Buddha tank under ($20, size small) and a matching rauched silk scarf with felted florals ($22). Pulled in some darker tones with a black leather belt decorated with small silver conchos ($32) and these totally funky + cool Ports 1961 suede platform sandals ($103, size 7.5-8). 

There ya have it! Three looks from my favorite local boutique in Santa Fe. To inquire about availability, call Jennifer at 505.982.5000.

xo - Courtney 

Buh-Bye Fast Fashion


Welp it’s been a long time since I’ve written a post on fashion and I’m jumping back in with some BIG NEWS! I am so excited to share that I am now working as a stylist in the fashion industry 😱 a total dream come true! If you didn’t know, I spent the last 6 years working in nonprofit development - most recently serving as Director of Development for the Santa Fe Community Foundation. And, while I loved the very worthy and rewarding aspects of working in that sector (aligning donor interest with community need - whether that be homelessness, hunger, animal welfare, domestic violence ~talk about meaningful~) it was time to do something a little different. And, my move to Portland proved to be the perfect opportunity to transition into an industry I’ve ALWAYS been passionate about - FASHION 🥰 it sometimes doesn’t even feel real that I get to spend my time helping clients feel their absolute best by putting together looks and finding the perfect outfits for special occasions. What do ya know - so many of the skills I developed working in fundraising have been transferable! Relationship building (and inspiring confidence!) has been and continues to be an important part of what I do 🙂

During this transition I’ve also had a lot of time to think about the things that are important to me. While I’m not saying I’ll never shop at Zara or H&M again, it’s important for me to step away from fast fashion. If you’re not familiar with what fast fashion is, here’s the online dictionary definition: inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.

Fast fashion has a huge environmental impact and, unfortunately, can violate many human rights. To mention a few, garment workers are oftentimes underpaid and exposed to harmful chemicals in the production process. Check out this article on The Good Trade to learn more. Contributor Audrey Stanton wrote, “brands like Forever21 use toxic chemicals, dangerous dyes, and synthetic fabrics which seep into water supplies in foreign countries (where the clothing is made) and at home when the clothing is washed.”

I care about my own carbon footprint and wellbeing, do you?

I’ve spent time doing extensive research on various brands’ social responsibiltiy commitments. In my opinion, brands like Eileen Fisher are paving the way for a more sustainable future. Check out their social consciousness stance here.

I was also super excited (and proud!) to learn that their extra-long staple cotton is grown IN NEW MEXICO! Specifically, Alvarez Farms based in the Mesilla Valley. This NM gal was pretty stoked - to say the least - to discover this 💃🏻

I started working on this post over a month ago and it feels like there is so much more to share, but I’m afraid I’ll never hit “post” if I don’t stop somewhere 🤪 what you should know:

1) You can become a client of mine! (no matter where you live) and enjoy the services of personal styling

2) I’ve begun sending personally styled boxes of clothes to friends in New Mexico, and I can send boxes to you too! (let’s discuss details)

3) Whether you have some special upcoming events, or you just need a seasonal closet update, I can send boxes as frequently (or infrequently) as needed 🤗

4) I have a new client questionnaire I’d be happy to send to you to get started - just shoot me an email 📧

Let’s work together!! I know so many friends that love looking fab but hate doing the work. You don’t have to go to a mall or shopping center, spend hours browsing for things online, or wonder if an outfit will look cute once all the pieces you’ve ordered come in and you put them together - I’ll do all the work for you 🙂

Here are some looks I recently put together at Mercantile.


One Year in the City Different

Well, today officially marks my one year anniversary in Santa Fe! How. In. The. World. has one year passed?! This has been a phenomenal one - probably the most important year to-date. The amount of growth I've experienced truly can't even be put into words. Let me just tell ya, moving to a new city all alone is no easy feat. Had you told me this is what my life would look like five years ago, I would have laughed and never believed you.

Boy am I BLESSED. It's so easy to focus on all the things that aren't perfect in your life and ignore all the things that are so wonderful. Trust me, I struggle with this on the daily. But, dang. I have a loving and oh-so-supportive family, a pup I adore and couldn't imagine life without, the best of friends, an incredible career, access to amazing opportunities, and the list goes on. I am grateful - and constantly trying to stand in the peace of God's presence.

Over the last year, I've done things I've never done - gone places I've never gone - seen sights I've never seen - and been who I never knew I could be. Man, this just brought tears to my eyes. Does my life look the way I thought it would? The way I envisioned since I was a little girl? No. Not even close. But, would I change a thing? Absolutely not. This was all a part of God's plan and who knows better about what's best for me than Him?

I hope you have the courage to step outside your comfort zone. To take chances, take risks. Believe in yourself. Never stop dreaming.

Why? Because oftentimes, you're the only one holding yourself back from the life you WANT to live. The life you CAN live.


These leather earrings are suuuuper cute! I have three pairs and I get so many compliments on them :) They're handmade in Lubbock, TX. You can get 15% off your order with code: ss15 YOU NEED THEM IN YOUR LIFE

Also, this tank comes in 4 other colors and is under $20 - sandals are RESTOCKED in all colors and sizes for under $15 (a legit steal!) and jeans are some of the most comfortable I own (wear them more often than I care to admit). 

Enjoy, yall!

xo - Courtney 



Summer in Santa Fe

Well New Mexico is not short of outdoor activity no matter what time of year. This is my first full summer living in Santa Fe and it already feels like it's not going to be long enough. There aren't enough weekends to do all I want to do and my travel schedule is about to get insane again, which means very few of the weekends left of summer I will be in town (sigh, but also yay because I have some really exciting trips around the corner!)

All the boho feels in summer months. Well for me anyway because I wish I could be a full-time flower child ;) Plus it's been HOT! I moved from southern New Mexico thinking I would be able to enjoy cooler summers and more intense winters (yes, I was hoping wishing praying for a snow day this year) but it's been none of the above lol it's okay, I love it anyway.

This weekend I spent lots of time adventuring with my family. Going places that are - no joke - less than an hour-ish away and so easy to get to. Magical wouldn't even do either place justice. Bandelier National Monument is crazy beautiful. No words for the cliff dwellings and petroglyphs. Simply stunning and so happy I got to experience it for the first time with my loved ones! We were fortunate that it was overcast (because our intention was to be there by 9 but, as usual, it was my fault that we didn't get there until 11). It would be way too hot on an ordinary summer day to do it any time other than when they allow visitors to begin entering at 9:00 a.m. We saw so many critters (I'll do a post on my "Experience the Southwest" tab that shares more about the experience sometime soon) and were truly fascinated by the human presence tracing back over 11,000 years!

We also went to El Santuario de Chimayo, a small church in Chimayo, New Mexico. It's located between Santa Fe and Taos and is quite possibly the most peaceful place I've ever been. My family has been going for years, but this was my first time. I can't put into words how I felt being inside the church and in the room with Holy Dirt. I'll share more (in the post referenced above) because the experience was powerful to say the least. I'm already looking forward to the next time I can make it back!


So, with that being said. Can't experience summer in the Southwest without some good Art.i.fact pieces in your closet! How about this leather fringe top that is made of Southwest dreams. Seriously, I am totally in love with this top and might not be taking it back - just sayin. The detail and open back make it a pretty exceptional piece. So many ways to style it and just a top that screams fun. THIS SKIRT - swooning over here. Vintage Gucci and totally awesome. Unlike any skirt I've ever seen before. The prettiest orange and such a unique pattern (there's a matching sheer top too - was a little too much for me to wear it all together). Contact Jennifer for pricing on these pieces via telephone (505) 982-5000 or DM @artifactsantafe on Instagram.

Also, hat is super cute and I got a lot of compliments on it. It's staying in my closet, because let's face it - I'm a total crazy hat lady. (see what I did there...) Was $14, just a testament to the great deals you can find on classic pieces at Art.i.fact.  


Okay, okay. I wasn't totally sure about this polka dot jumpsuit when I picked it out but I've absolutely changed my mind. I don't just like it, I LOVE it! Flowy and free - my kind of lil boho numba. Plus the open back is on point. Actually doesn't really matter how tall/short you are because it'd be just as cute as long pants as it is kinda high-water looking on me (I know, high-water has a negative connotation but I actually like things that fit this way). Snag it before it's gone because it won't be available long. The team at Art.i.fact is waiting for you to call :) don’t forget you don't have to live in Santa Fe to make purchases. They ship nationwide! 

Time to get your lil boho self all the things for summer in the Southwest - enjoy, my friends!

xo - Courtney  



Santa Fe’s Best - You’re Gonna Love This Jewelry

Ever found jewelry that you feel like just fits your personality, style, aaaand you have a hard time narrowing down your options? That’s how I feel about Heliconia Jewelry! Gloria, who handcrafts each unique piece, is incredibly talented and has the most amazing eye (check out some of the turquoise pieces I’ve styled... all the heart eyes). Stones are one of a kind, meaning that no two earrings, rings, bracelets, etc are the same - my kind of accessories! I have an affinity for unusual, unique things. 

Not to mention, Gloria's creativity is unreal. Her designs are unlike any others I’ve seen around. And I’ve seen lots of turquoise + creative designs in Santa Fe. There’s just something special about her pieces. They're delicate and eye-catching. Simple yet so complex.  The kind of jewelry worth investing in.

Naturally I was stoked about the opportunity to collaborate! I think when I started out blogging I used to get excited about any collaboration opportunity, but I've become much more selective. I want the products I feature to be truly representative of me and my style. So, of course, I couldn't wait to photograph all of these amazing pieces and share them with all of you!


First, this necklace is one of my all-time favorite pieces. There is just something so unique about it. I liked it when I picked it out - a week later, I LOVED it. Because, it just goes with everything. Again, simple but so detailed and quite lovely. 


These earrings - they don't even need words. Got a TON of compliments. I mean, a ton. They're under $100 and the kind of pieces that will never get old. I'm quite confident they'd stay in your jewelry rotation about as long as you're on this earth. And, I think they'd get passed down to future generations (the kind of pieces your great-grandchildren will treasure and adore). They're that beautiful + delicate.


Okay, okay. This bracelet is stunning. I've never, ever seen a stone like this. Pink + green and oh-so-fabulous! The kind of accessory that has you covered - no need to wear flashy earrings or the perfect ring(s) because this one piece is simply enough. Paired with basic looks - solid whites, blacks, tans and grays - truly, can't go wrong.


Nobody could ever have enough Heliconia rings. This mint-colored stone is unreal. Kinda big, kindy statement-y and I. love. it. While bold, it's actually so easy to style and pair with both solid and festive prints. Again, an heirloom pieces that you and future generations will cherish. 


Last but not least, this 3-piece set that is crazy gorgeous. Inspired by Gloria's homeland. The semi-circle pattern is consistent throughout the collection and symbolic of the ancient Andean cultures. Worn all together or separately, you're going to get so many compliments. If you like unique designs, this is the set for you.

My followers can get 10% off their order through June 30th with code SOMEWEARSOUTHWEST. Hurry, hurry to snag your favorite pieces with this awesome deal! Make sure to check out Heliconia on Instagram to stay up-to-date on new collection releases + schedule appointments with Gloria to view the pieces in person or find out where she'll be at next!

Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

xo - Courtney 




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Luxury Pieces at Affordable Prices - Santa Fe, NM

Hey, yall! Whew. It's been a hot minute since I wrote my last blog post. I have barely had to time to breathe lately (and I'm tryna take deep breaths because my travel schedule is bout to get INSANE) These are good things though - things to be grateful for - but I get a little stressed from time to time trying my best to find balance. Is balance ever really attainable? Or is it like a finish line in life that doesn't really exist? The pursuit is meaningful nonetheless. For me, it keeps me in check - makin' sure I'm hittin' up the yoga studio (my favorite in town is Thrive, btw), regularly walkin' my lil guy, Bensters, and fittin' in Jesus and family + friends. Ya know, the important things. So finding the quiet head space to write has its challenges. But, here I am WRITING and I'm grateful to have had some down time today (more deep breaths before the chaos of the week begins). 

So, sharing some of my all-time favorite pieces from Art.i.fact and favorite pictures from a shoot I had with photographer Mark Gowen. Check out his work: https://markgowen.co/

So. Dang. Talented. He had a vision of the kinds of shots he wanted to capture and we made that vision become reality. Walked 4 miles in a dress and sandals (not knowing the adventure I was in for lol) and it was worth every blister on my foot. Literally.


Can I just tell you how much I love this Isabel Marant skirt???? Ah, the dreamiest floral print and the fit couldn't be better. For $49, SUCH A STEAL! This is exactly the reason I'm so in love with the store. Luxury pieces at affordable prices. A must-hit during a trip to Santa Fe and a once-a-weeker if you're a local ;) 

Also, I got a ton of compliments on this Roberto Cavalli top. Big fan of the sheer snake skin print (and while I like leopard, I'm otherwise not much of an animal print person - but this worked). Also, such a great deal at $32. BAM

Was into the contrast of this look and was even more into the backdrop mother nature (ahem, God) provided :)


Alright, I had my eye on this tie-dye, flowy dress for awhile. And, when I went to pick out my looks for this month I couldn't believe it was still there! Size medium and wasn't sure it would fit but I gave it a go and I'm so glad I did! Love, love the way it hung off my shoulder. It's lightweight and oh so perfect for summer. Luna Luz dresses are upwards of $200, so you're getting your money's worth at $89.

So, there ya have it. My wonderfully beautiful adventure with Mark Gowen and amazing 'steal of a deal' pieces from Art.i.fact. DM Jennifer (@artifactsantafe) on Instagram or call their store if you're not from 'round here ;) They ship nationwide. 

Ps, happy late summer solstice (I got to celebrate with sangria and song - YAY) hope yours was perfect too!

xo - Courtney

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The Best Tennis Shoes for Style + Comfort


Okay, well technically I guess they're an oxford - but they feel and look like tennis shoes to me. Meaning, they're super comfortable and I'm going to style them as such. The perfect airport shoe? I got you. Seriously guys, Rockport is known for their comfy shoes and they've really done a great job of matching comfort + trends. 

Their motto:

"We put ourselves in your shoes before putting you in ours"

I love that - I mean, this is definitely a brand I can get behind. I've spent too many years sacrificing comfort for cuteness and I regret my decisions every day (cry face). But really, I have some war wounds on my feet from a stiletto or two - and, unfortunately, they're not going anywhere. Butttt, doesn't mean I have to take on any more. And, with Rockport, I don't have to.

The cool thing is that Rockport is really a cross-generational brand. They have shoes that I'm in love with but also can see both my mom and granny in some of their shoes too! Isn't it great to find a brand that somewhat follows you through your stages of life? So, moral of the story is that - if you're in your 20s, like me - you can still plan to wear Rockport shoes when you're a granny... hahahaha. 

The first time I wore my Ayva Oxfords I went to the Farmers Market, walked around a mini outdoor festival, and through the plaza area to grab lunch - my feed didn't hurt at all and I had the shoes on for a solid 6 hours! That basically never happens to me - try as I might (which is why I end up with ugly blisters and can typically only wear flip flops for the following three days).

I say it all the time, but the older I get, the more I care about comfort. I just can't hang like I used to - my inner 82-year-old gets the best of me more days than not :) But, at least with Rockport shoes it doesn't show. It's like a sneaky secret.... *little thought bubble from my head* I know these kicks are cute but if only you knew how comfortable they are bwahaha 

Perhaps I'm the only one that thinks I'm funny? My mom and grandparents laugh at my jokes. I'll take it. Well guys, that's what I have to say about my new favorite OXFORDS. If you're looking to invest in a new kinda fun / kinda casual shoe, this is it. I'm planning to wear these shoes to the airport from here on out, just sayin.

Also, I'll be updating this page with a special discount code you can use if you're interested in buying some of your own (DO IT, DO IT). In the meantime, use code LOVEMOM for 25% off + free shipping now through 5/13 at www.rockport.com 

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A Look Back at April in My Art.i.fact Gear

Well, Art.i.fact does it again - and again, and again. Literally never disappoints. Except your wallet, your wallet might be a little disappointed but your closet will not. However, you always get your money's worth. Amazing pieces + great prices = sign. me. up.


 Alright, this Isabel Marant tunic honestly came home with me. Had to have it. Aaaand I'm so excited to style it different ways - although I was pretty happy with this look. Paired with faux leather leggings and my favorite lace up heels, was feeling like a million bucks. Prime example of the really stellar pieces Art.i.fact has in stock on any given day. It was 89 dolla, holla.


 Okay, next. This Stella McCartney top is what summer dreams are made of. Delicate and different - right up my alley. For $59 (size small/medium), you're getting a steal. I can imagine styling it a zillion more ways, so if you snag it and need some tips, HMU. It truly is so perfect for a summer vacation. I'm thinking night out near the beach, ya feel?


 Stop. Seriously, stop. This Nat by Natalie Martin dress is everything. It was all kinds of boho, Santa Fe vibes in this lil numba. Lightweight, comfy and floral. Can't forget the floral. I'm a big fan, just in case you didn't know. Size medium and $69. This was the first time I had been exposed to this brand. And trust, it's gonna stay on my radar because I need a few pieces in my closet.


 Alright y'all, this Sandwich dress is NWT. That's right, seriously never been worn. Brand new. Fresh ta death. Jk lol you get the point. In the time I had it on, I got a number of compliments. It's one of those classic pieces that is so easy to pull out for a cocktail reception or semi-formal event. Flowy and feminine, just can't go wrong. Size small and $69 - snag it fast!

You know what to do - contact Jennifer at artifactsantafe@gmail.com or 505-982-5000 if you can't live without one of these pieces! Happy shopping friends :)

xo - Courtney

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My Take on March Madness

Another month, another Art.i.fact post – and you know this place is my favorite! So much goodness that I really couldn’t limit myself this month. Found so many fun, versatile pieces that I just had to share!


I’ll start out with this green-ish halter dress. I mean, c’mon. So cute right?! I paired it with some western vibe booties and a denim jacket, but could easily wear it with flip flops for a day on the beach. Really great for transitioning from spring to summer. Lightweight and feminine, just what I like.


Next, this denim patchwork jacket. I. LOVE. THIS. JACKET. Seriously. It’s kinda funky but super fun and goes well with almost anything – over a dress, with a white tee and faux leather leggings, ya know all the things I like to wear on the reg. This is one piece that I didn’t want to take back butttt that means it’s still available for you! It’s Cynthia Ashby and is a steal of a deal at $95.20 – woohoo!!


Diggin’ this striped Zara dress (or anything striped for that matter). So comfy, so cute. It’s great for warmer weather but can be worn on a semi-cool day layered with a trendy bomber (as styled here). Because of its versatility, now is the perfect time of year to pick up a piece like this. It just went down in price to $22.40. Snag it before it’s gone!!


Okay, gimme all the white button ups! I seriously could never have enough. Long ones, short ones, tall ones, small ones (okay lol I went a little too far) but for real. A top like this won’t disappoint and is a perfect example of the really awesome clothing you can find at Art.i.fact. Jennifer has a great eye for classic, timeless pieces. So, I never care “what season” something was from because honestly – does anyone even know the difference?


Lastly, you know I can’t ever not take home something that I style. And, this funky silky top just did it for me (got it for $38). I wore it to work recently and six, SIX different people commented on how much they liked this shirt. Yep – soooo good! I will never get rid of this top, there’s just something about it that I can’t get enough of 😊

So there ya have it peeps! My top picks for the month of March from Art.i.fact. If you’re in the area, make sure to stop by and check it out. Jennifer and Michael are so awesome and so is everything in their store ❤


xo – Courtney