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The Best Tennis Shoes for Style + Comfort


Okay, well technically I guess they're an oxford - but they feel and look like tennis shoes to me. Meaning, they're super comfortable and I'm going to style them as such. The perfect airport shoe? I got you. Seriously guys, Rockport is known for their comfy shoes and they've really done a great job of matching comfort + trends. 

Their motto:

"We put ourselves in your shoes before putting you in ours"

I love that - I mean, this is definitely a brand I can get behind. I've spent too many years sacrificing comfort for cuteness and I regret my decisions every day (cry face). But really, I have some war wounds on my feet from a stiletto or two - and, unfortunately, they're not going anywhere. Butttt, doesn't mean I have to take on any more. And, with Rockport, I don't have to.

The cool thing is that Rockport is really a cross-generational brand. They have shoes that I'm in love with but also can see both my mom and granny in some of their shoes too! Isn't it great to find a brand that somewhat follows you through your stages of life? So, moral of the story is that - if you're in your 20s, like me - you can still plan to wear Rockport shoes when you're a granny... hahahaha. 

The first time I wore my Ayva Oxfords I went to the Farmers Market, walked around a mini outdoor festival, and through the plaza area to grab lunch - my feed didn't hurt at all and I had the shoes on for a solid 6 hours! That basically never happens to me - try as I might (which is why I end up with ugly blisters and can typically only wear flip flops for the following three days).

I say it all the time, but the older I get, the more I care about comfort. I just can't hang like I used to - my inner 82-year-old gets the best of me more days than not :) But, at least with Rockport shoes it doesn't show. It's like a sneaky secret.... *little thought bubble from my head* I know these kicks are cute but if only you knew how comfortable they are bwahaha 

Perhaps I'm the only one that thinks I'm funny? My mom and grandparents laugh at my jokes. I'll take it. Well guys, that's what I have to say about my new favorite OXFORDS. If you're looking to invest in a new kinda fun / kinda casual shoe, this is it. I'm planning to wear these shoes to the airport from here on out, just sayin.

Also, I'll be updating this page with a special discount code you can use if you're interested in buying some of your own (DO IT, DO IT). In the meantime, use code LOVEMOM for 25% off + free shipping now through 5/13 at www.rockport.com 

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A Look Back at April in My Art.i.fact Gear

Well, Art.i.fact does it again - and again, and again. Literally never disappoints. Except your wallet, your wallet might be a little disappointed but your closet will not. However, you always get your money's worth. Amazing pieces + great prices = sign. me. up.


 Alright, this Isabel Marant tunic honestly came home with me. Had to have it. Aaaand I'm so excited to style it different ways - although I was pretty happy with this look. Paired with faux leather leggings and my favorite lace up heels, was feeling like a million bucks. Prime example of the really stellar pieces Art.i.fact has in stock on any given day. It was 89 dolla, holla.


 Okay, next. This Stella McCartney top is what summer dreams are made of. Delicate and different - right up my alley. For $59 (size small/medium), you're getting a steal. I can imagine styling it a zillion more ways, so if you snag it and need some tips, HMU. It truly is so perfect for a summer vacation. I'm thinking night out near the beach, ya feel?


 Stop. Seriously, stop. This Nat by Natalie Martin dress is everything. It was all kinds of boho, Santa Fe vibes in this lil numba. Lightweight, comfy and floral. Can't forget the floral. I'm a big fan, just in case you didn't know. Size medium and $69. This was the first time I had been exposed to this brand. And trust, it's gonna stay on my radar because I need a few pieces in my closet.


 Alright y'all, this Sandwich dress is NWT. That's right, seriously never been worn. Brand new. Fresh ta death. Jk lol you get the point. In the time I had it on, I got a number of compliments. It's one of those classic pieces that is so easy to pull out for a cocktail reception or semi-formal event. Flowy and feminine, just can't go wrong. Size small and $69 - snag it fast!

You know what to do - contact Jennifer at artifactsantafe@gmail.com or 505-982-5000 if you can't live without one of these pieces! Happy shopping friends :)

xo - Courtney

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My Take on March Madness

Another month, another Art.i.fact post – and you know this place is my favorite! So much goodness that I really couldn’t limit myself this month. Found so many fun, versatile pieces that I just had to share!


I’ll start out with this green-ish halter dress. I mean, c’mon. So cute right?! I paired it with some western vibe booties and a denim jacket, but could easily wear it with flip flops for a day on the beach. Really great for transitioning from spring to summer. Lightweight and feminine, just what I like.


Next, this denim patchwork jacket. I. LOVE. THIS. JACKET. Seriously. It’s kinda funky but super fun and goes well with almost anything – over a dress, with a white tee and faux leather leggings, ya know all the things I like to wear on the reg. This is one piece that I didn’t want to take back butttt that means it’s still available for you! It’s Cynthia Ashby and is a steal of a deal at $95.20 – woohoo!!


Diggin’ this striped Zara dress (or anything striped for that matter). So comfy, so cute. It’s great for warmer weather but can be worn on a semi-cool day layered with a trendy bomber (as styled here). Because of its versatility, now is the perfect time of year to pick up a piece like this. It just went down in price to $22.40. Snag it before it’s gone!!


Okay, gimme all the white button ups! I seriously could never have enough. Long ones, short ones, tall ones, small ones (okay lol I went a little too far) but for real. A top like this won’t disappoint and is a perfect example of the really awesome clothing you can find at Art.i.fact. Jennifer has a great eye for classic, timeless pieces. So, I never care “what season” something was from because honestly – does anyone even know the difference?


Lastly, you know I can’t ever not take home something that I style. And, this funky silky top just did it for me (got it for $38). I wore it to work recently and six, SIX different people commented on how much they liked this shirt. Yep – soooo good! I will never get rid of this top, there’s just something about it that I can’t get enough of 😊

So there ya have it peeps! My top picks for the month of March from Art.i.fact. If you’re in the area, make sure to stop by and check it out. Jennifer and Michael are so awesome and so is everything in their store ❤


xo – Courtney



A Versatile Vest and Other Things

So, it’s that time - time for me to share some pieces I’ve been loving from Art.i.fact and a couple pics I took with an awesome photographer (s/o to Morgan Hayes) in Atlanta! 

This vest. Y’all, this vest is SO good 🙌🏼 so versatile and so fun! I wanted to highlight a couple ways I would personally style it and show how it can be a little more formal or a little laid back (although I’m not sure fur is ever really THAT laid back - and I hear it all the time from my boss 😂 don’t think I realized how many fur-ish pieces I own until someone started pointing it out 🤦🏻‍♀️ lol) This fur vest can be yours - currently priced at $300 and still available 🙂 it really is a great closet investment. And, if you live in the southwest, can be worn October - March (a solid 6 months of wear every year!) 

As for this red DVF dress - it’s perfect for fall/winter and great for work. Though I would gladly wear it to a cocktail party on a weekend 💁🏻‍♀️ I’m all about purchasing things that serve dual-purpose. The pattern is fun and it’s very comfortable, win-win. At $74, it’s a super good deal for a DVF dress. 

A black scarf will never do you wrong. Especially a quality one like this Eileen Fisher scarf. Quite honestly, I wear scarfs almost every day and my most worn scarfs are a solid print - they just go with everything! This one is multi-season and I really dig the texture. Again, a great deal at $68.

Lastly, I told you guys I can never make it out without purchasing something for myself. This hat just had to come home with me. It was originally $300 - still had the tags - and I scored it for $68! I’m tellin ya, Art.i.fact truly has some of the best items I’ve ever found at a luxury consignment store. So many things that are brand new!  

So, if you just can’t live without this vest, dress or scarf give Jennifer a ring at 505-982-5000. We’re also working on a fun project so make sure to check out my story on Instagram on Friday for a sneak peek! 




Walking into Winter

Man, oh, man. I am hardly having any spare time to find the quiet head space it takes to write up a blog post these days. Seriously, like once a month! But, I’m going to try to be better about it. Even if it’s just something short - a brief snapshot of my favorite spots in NYC, a quick review of my air bnb in Boston, or some random facts about a cool place I’ve stumbled upon in Santa Fe. Because I work myself up about perfect posts, I never actually get around to writing about these things. I’m sure you don’t mind if it’s not totally perfect, do you? I mean I’ll do my best to avoid typos and what not 😏

So, I’m sharing my three looks from Art.i.fact this month and I can’t tell you how much I love these pieces. If I could live in velvet, I would. Oh and oversized anything, but that’s another topic for another day. 

This “Romancing the West” coat is a size small and $86. You have no idea how much self control it takes to not keep these pieces for myself 🙈 especially these most chill, cute Hanky Panky pants that are only $44 (they have an elastic waistband and I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t want to give them back). This undershirt is a perfect layering piece and super affordable at $39. Necklace is fun and forty-nine dolla holla 🙌🏼


Alright this Akris coat was amazing, still had the tags on it!!! Sadly, it sold but is an example of the amazing pieces Art.i.fact has on the daily. It was originally $1,014 and a lucky lady snagged it for $398 😬 on another note, I’m super excited to go to an Akris fashion presentation next week 😱 

These wool lace up pants are fantastic for the working woman that has a sophisticated vibe but still likes to keep it fun! They’re actually a size 8-10 but they fit my waist like a glove (for sizing reference, I’m typically a size 0-2). They’re Dorothee Bis and $149.


Lastly, this Dolce & Gabbana coat is what fashion dreams are made of 🤤 I got SO many compliments on it during the short time I had it on to snap pics in the freezing cold. I want it in my closet. Real bad. It was originally purchased for over $4k, it’s currently at Art.i.fact and waiting to be worn... for $1,200! I mean, it’s like $3k off you guys! Paired it with this Givenchy vintage blouse that’s $48. These pieces go so fast (fast enough that sometimes I don’t even have time to post about them before they’re already gone!) Soooo if you’re not in Santa Fe, all you gotta do is pick up the phone - Jennifer ships nationwide ☺️


These are all great pieces to add to your winter wardrobe! Classic and timeless. My two favorite qualities I look for in clothes 🙂

Happy shopping friends! 

xo - Courtney  



For the working woman that likes to have fun

Alright guys, I say it all the time but I really love Art.i.fact! It’s like every time I go in, everything in the store is just for me 😂 but I don’t think I’m the only one that feels that way. I never see anyone leave empty handed 🙈 

And, best part about it is that I find as many work pieces as I do fun! While I enjoy classy, timeless work attire - I can’t help myself when it comes to funky, unique pieces that pretty adequately fit my taste and personality. So, this month I’m sharing a little bit of both. Starting with this fab Max Mara suit that is like ALL THE HEART EYES!!! And it’s warm y’all.. I’m always cold so this is a really big selling factor for me 😅 I typically wear a size 2, this suit is a size 6 and fit like a glove. The cashmere sweater was for sale also but I couldn’t let it go so it now lives in my closet. Oops! But it’s just a testament to how great Jennifer and Michael are at selecting the perfect pieces for their store. The jacket is $96 and the tweed trousers are $69. This cool necklace is also for sale - message me for deets! 


Next, these red pants are what winter dreams are made of. So warm and so stylish! I have to admit, I’m a sucker for high-waisted anything and these pants would be on repeat in my closet... but instead, they should be on repeat in yours! If you’re looking for the perfect work pants that are gonna keep you from freezing in the winter but aren’t bulky and unflattering, these my friend, are your pants. Again, size 6 and they’re $69. Snag ‘em before they’re gone!! Also, can’t go without mentioning this fabulous scarf. The perfect fall/winter colors and just a really great print. It really could be styled so many ways which makes it pretty much a steal at $46 - just sayin 🤷🏻‍♀️


And lastly, quite possibly my favorite two-piece set  of all time. Seriously. I’m still dying over how gorg it is. Are you miss fashionable and a little daring in your non-work looks? Ehemmm, this. This set is for you. The colors, the fabric, the cut. Nothing but love for this retro, chic combo. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send you the info you need. But remember, all of these pieces are a one and done. You gotta moooove woman! 


There ya have it! My picks from Art.i.fact for the month of November 🙂 super excited to share that I’m also partnering with Art.i.fact on a styling workshop - more soon - and, be on the lookout for deets on some try on sessions we’re going to be doing in the near future! 

xo - Courtney  



Fall Flavor


Well you guys, I can’t quite put into words how wonderful Boston was. I’m about to say something that might be pretty unpopular.... buuuut I think I love it more than NYC. I know, I know - just a tad bit but still. I wanna go back. Like next weekend if possible. I FROZE my butt off (record setting temps on Saturday 😳) but it was worth every minute. I’m not gonna lie, I had to wear sunglasses in these pics because my eyes looked haaaaaggard from the bone chilling weather 😂 honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen myself look that way. But I have proof. I’m just not gonna share 🙈  (so if you’re tryna look cute in Boston, don’t go this time of year lol). 

I’m going to be putting together a travel post on the spots I visited and the place I stayed. Some seriously good recommendations and things I think you just can’t miss! You may or may not know that I haven’t always been miss independent and I’m proud to say that over the last two years, I’ve grown tremendously. My adventure all on my own was liberating and provided reassurance that I’m most definitely on the path God has paved for me. If you’ve never traveled alone but have the opportunity to do so, I would highly recommend it. There’s something so empowering about the experience and living out the plans you’ve made. 

So, this little number is a perfect look for Thanksgiving! A lightweight but warmish sweater with some fine little gold button details around the wrists. And, it’s under $25! This is a good investment because it’s great for layering and can be styled different ways all fall/winter. I’ve also been known to be a sucker for pleats. This maroon skirt grabbed my attention and I gravitated toward it immediately. I knew before I even tried it on that it was going home with me 😂 it’s under $40 at H&M right now but I can’t, for the life of me, find it online to link 😑 I’ll keep checking and let you know if it becomes available online. So, I linked a couple others around the same price point. Also, I’m a leopard lady, no doubt. I’ve had these booties for a couple years and am just pretty happy that leopard never goes out of style 😅 you need some leopard booties in your life because they’re just the best pop of fun and color. Enjoy, friends! More soon on the trip itself. And, as always, I wanna see pics if you recreate this look! Great thing is that these pieces will look fab on just about anyone 🙂 

xo - Courtney 



All in for Art.i.fact

You guys. It’s been a really long time since I last wrote a blog post - eeeekkk, I’m so sorry! My life has been a whirlwind and I’m finally starting to get my bearings again. From my biggest event of the year at work, to a medical procedure, to a dog attack.. man, oh man. It’s been a crazy couple months! But, I’m happier than ever with where I’m at and what I’m doing and that’s what’s important - right?!  

I’ve been wanting to share more about my collaboration with Art.i.fact Santa Fe because I’m so, soooo excited to be working with such fabulous people (Jennifer and Michael, you rock!) and just as amazing of a store! Really, y’all. I can’t walk out of the store without wanting a million pieces. Like I went in today and I’m going back this week for some Italian leather thigh high boots and a Moschino winter headband that I can’t live without 🙈 quite honestly, really great timeless pieces that are in mint condition! 

These are a couple looks from my trip to New York Fashion Week. I felt SO fierce in this Givenchy two-piece set. Paired it with a fun Victorian collared Etro button up and bam 💥 And, the best part is that it can be yours! Not to mention it’s so reasonably priced for a head-turning luxe look. 


This next look consists of a FAB Jean Paul Gaultier skirt and Helmut Lang blazer. I’m tellin ya, these pieces are eye-catching and so classy. This blazer is great for transitioning from fall to winter and would look just as amazing with some jeans. As for the skirt, if you’re anywhere between a size 2-8 this will fit. The details and fabric are 😍 (aaaall the heart eyes). Once again, you won’t find pieces this good anywhere else (trust me, I’ve looked). I should also mention that this lace detail top is from Art.i.fact but I couldn’t part ways with it so it’s permanently in my closet. Buttttt it’s such a good example of the timeless pieces Art.i.fact has available. 


Lastly, I paired this Emporio Armani blazer with a fun leather skirt I snagged in Ireland and a mustard sweater from Zara. Also, polka dot socks from Cheeky and these white heels are from Zara too but I’ve been linking a similar pair for half the price via LIKEtoKNOW.it. I love mixing high end items with more affordable pieces, but Art.i.fact kinda makes it all affordable 🤷🏻‍♀️ I know, I’m in trouble 😳 great pieces (especially at great prices) get me all the time. This blazer is form fitting and perfect fit for someone that’s typically a size 0-2. Someone is going to looooove wearing this (so hurry to make sure it’s you!) - I know I did 🙂


So, there ya have it! Three looks made possible by Art.i.fact ☺️ I’ll be posting a round-up of three looks every month so make sure to check back. We also have a couple other fun things up our sleeves and I can’t wait to share!  

p.s. for the pieces you just can't live without, call 505-982-5000 - Art.i.fact ships nationwide!

xoxo - Courtney 



Best Band of Blogger Babes


Sometimes I think we forget to stop and be grateful for the little things (or at least I know I do). In reflecting on my trip to New York, I'm realizing how incredible it is to be a part of a network of fellow bloggers through a platform like Style Collective. I had the chance to meet Annie Spano at the Style Collective event and am so inspired by her vision to empower women and provide resources that help women succeed in the blogging industry.

In a society where so much hate and judgement exists, it's a breath of fresh air to be surrounded by women who want to see each other succeed - we don't have to have scarcity mentality! There's enough room for all of us to blossom and pursue our passions. Just because your blogging equivalent (we all have those, right? In some form or fashion) is seeing steady growth in blogging and you're not growing as quickly doesn't mean she's using up all the success that's left. You, too, can be successful because you are uniquely YOU. You have something nobody else has to offer - your own thoughts, advice and style (and nobody can take that away from you!) 

Style Collective celebrates our individuality. It embraces each member for what they bring to the industry. It's a network of women building each other up, when so frequently we experience situations where women are tearing each other down. And, when it came to NYFW, so many helpful tools were shared to help newbies succeed and have the best possible first experience! (Trust, mine was so great that I'm already planning my trip in February! 😬) 

A whole guide was available, detailing what to expect, when to reach out to PR contacts, where to stay, what to pack - hey! I can't complain. As a NYFW rookie, I wouldn't have even known where to begin without these resources! 

The Style Collective event on September 8th was a great time! As a member, I got to experience the VIP suite and enjoy all the fun activities taking place inside. If you know me, getting dolled up is like 🙌🏼 (And even better when I'm not the one having to do it!) sipped some Day Owl Rosé, got treated to delicious chocolate by Patchi and the cutest cookies by chocolati bar aaaaand lashes and lips by beGlammed 💁🏻 

I've met some incredible friends through Style Collective and have the platform to thank for helping make my first experience at NYFW far better than I could have hoped! If you've been considering applying, I would strongly recommend (I'm not getting paid to say this lol). I honestly don't use the every day resources as much as I should but the tips and connections provided for NYFW were, in and of itself, worth every penny I pay to be a member. And, who doesn't want to be a part of a group with all the same interests that has the sole purpose of providing support that nobody else (other than other bloggers experiencing the exact same circumstances) understands. Blogging can be tough, especially if you work full time, because the market is heavily saturated and it's hard to stay on top of your game when it can't be your main focus. Style Collective is dedicated to helping make your dreams come true and giving you the tips and tricks to do what you love, even if you can only do it part of your time 💗

xo - Courtney  



1 top, 2 looks


In case I haven't shared enough, I am SO READY for fall. I think the brutally hot summers in southern New Mexico forever scarred me (although the mild winters will be missed). It's like you walk outside at 7:30 am and you're already sweating 🙈 So, I've gotta admit that I'm thoroughly enjoying the more mild temps in Santa Fe!  

Even though fall is rapidly approaching, if you're dreading putting away your summer clothes - don't worry! You don't have to. At least not all of them. Layering allows for seasonal versatility. In short, it keeps your sleeveless neutrals in rotation all year long. Without a trench, this top is very airy and summery - exactly what I was going for! But add a trench or thick duster and you're looking like a pumpkin spice latte. Jk but watch out fall! You're coming in hot 🔥 or at least armed (for colder weather) and stylish 😉 

I felt like a (modern) fairytale princess in this top. Don't mind me as I twirl through the streets of Dublin! Feminine and unique are always high on my (clothing) priority list. 

Would you believe me if I told you this fabulous top is under $30? Yep! It is. (Don't ponder this too long or you might miss your chance to snag this steal of a deal!) I've linked all you need to recreate 2 looks with 1 top 💁🏻 

This top will transition smoothly from summer to fall and you didn't even have to put any effort or creativity into making it happen. Enjoy, friends!  

(I'm trying to get better about more consistent blog posts but I've gotta admit, I'm staying up until 1:00-3:00 am trying to balance work, blog and NYFW 😴 Don't laugh if I make the headlines for falling asleep during a runway show 😳) 

xo - Courtney