Alright guys, I say it all the time but I really love Art.i.fact! It’s like every time I go in, everything in the store is just for me 😂 but I don’t think I’m the only one that feels that way. I never see anyone leave empty handed 🙈 

And, best part about it is that I find as many work pieces as I do fun! While I enjoy classy, timeless work attire - I can’t help myself when it comes to funky, unique pieces that pretty adequately fit my taste and personality. So, this month I’m sharing a little bit of both. Starting with this fab Max Mara suit that is like ALL THE HEART EYES!!! And it’s warm y’all.. I’m always cold so this is a really big selling factor for me 😅 I typically wear a size 2, this suit is a size 6 and fit like a glove. The cashmere sweater was for sale also but I couldn’t let it go so it now lives in my closet. Oops! But it’s just a testament to how great Jennifer and Michael are at selecting the perfect pieces for their store. The jacket is $96 and the tweed trousers are $69. This cool necklace is also for sale - message me for deets! 


Next, these red pants are what winter dreams are made of. So warm and so stylish! I have to admit, I’m a sucker for high-waisted anything and these pants would be on repeat in my closet... but instead, they should be on repeat in yours! If you’re looking for the perfect work pants that are gonna keep you from freezing in the winter but aren’t bulky and unflattering, these my friend, are your pants. Again, size 6 and they’re $69. Snag ‘em before they’re gone!! Also, can’t go without mentioning this fabulous scarf. The perfect fall/winter colors and just a really great print. It really could be styled so many ways which makes it pretty much a steal at $46 - just sayin 🤷🏻‍♀️


And lastly, quite possibly my favorite two-piece set  of all time. Seriously. I’m still dying over how gorg it is. Are you miss fashionable and a little daring in your non-work looks? Ehemmm, this. This set is for you. The colors, the fabric, the cut. Nothing but love for this retro, chic combo. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send you the info you need. But remember, all of these pieces are a one and done. You gotta moooove woman! 


There ya have it! My picks from Art.i.fact for the month of November 🙂 super excited to share that I’m also partnering with Art.i.fact on a styling workshop - more soon - and, be on the lookout for deets on some try on sessions we’re going to be doing in the near future! 

xo - Courtney