Man, oh, man. I am hardly having any spare time to find the quiet head space it takes to write up a blog post these days. Seriously, like once a month! But, I’m going to try to be better about it. Even if it’s just something short - a brief snapshot of my favorite spots in NYC, a quick review of my air bnb in Boston, or some random facts about a cool place I’ve stumbled upon in Santa Fe. Because I work myself up about perfect posts, I never actually get around to writing about these things. I’m sure you don’t mind if it’s not totally perfect, do you? I mean I’ll do my best to avoid typos and what not 😏

So, I’m sharing my three looks from Art.i.fact this month and I can’t tell you how much I love these pieces. If I could live in velvet, I would. Oh and oversized anything, but that’s another topic for another day. 

This “Romancing the West” coat is a size small and $86. You have no idea how much self control it takes to not keep these pieces for myself 🙈 especially these most chill, cute Hanky Panky pants that are only $44 (they have an elastic waistband and I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t want to give them back). This undershirt is a perfect layering piece and super affordable at $39. Necklace is fun and forty-nine dolla holla 🙌🏼


Alright this Akris coat was amazing, still had the tags on it!!! Sadly, it sold but is an example of the amazing pieces Art.i.fact has on the daily. It was originally $1,014 and a lucky lady snagged it for $398 😬 on another note, I’m super excited to go to an Akris fashion presentation next week 😱 

These wool lace up pants are fantastic for the working woman that has a sophisticated vibe but still likes to keep it fun! They’re actually a size 8-10 but they fit my waist like a glove (for sizing reference, I’m typically a size 0-2). They’re Dorothee Bis and $149.


Lastly, this Dolce & Gabbana coat is what fashion dreams are made of 🤤 I got SO many compliments on it during the short time I had it on to snap pics in the freezing cold. I want it in my closet. Real bad. It was originally purchased for over $4k, it’s currently at Art.i.fact and waiting to be worn... for $1,200! I mean, it’s like $3k off you guys! Paired it with this Givenchy vintage blouse that’s $48. These pieces go so fast (fast enough that sometimes I don’t even have time to post about them before they’re already gone!) Soooo if you’re not in Santa Fe, all you gotta do is pick up the phone - Jennifer ships nationwide ☺️


These are all great pieces to add to your winter wardrobe! Classic and timeless. My two favorite qualities I look for in clothes 🙂

Happy shopping friends! 

xo - Courtney