How's this look for fun? I can't help but love the bold sleeves and pops of color! And what about these Hashtag Sunglasses? I've gotten so many compliments on them and I've only had them a week! This company has an amazing selection of trendy sunnies that are so fun... AND my followers (YOU!) get free express shipping and 10% off your entire order! All you have to do is enter the discount code: NewShades4You 

You have to check out their website:

The weather is getting warmer and you need new shades - right? :) Sometimes I can't get over how much black, white and grey is in my closet. It's as if I gravitate to those colors which is fiiiiine, but I do love color - so I typically just incorporate it through accessories! I got this clutch some time ago at Banana Republic (so I linked others I love that I would also pair with this dress) but I just got these earrings a couple weeks ago at Target. They're already out of stock in pink, but they still have several other cute colors available! (see below)

This Shein dress is under $20! Can you believe it? It kept showing up everywhere those ads can show up - Facebook, Pandora, my dreams (lol jk) but seriously - I needed it! Especially for the price. Those statement sleeves -- swoon! And who doesn't love a good pair of grey lace up heels? These aren't the exact ones I'm wearing - but I might like them more! I'm totally into the block heel. I'm so clumsy and I think they're significantly easier to walk in (and who doesn't love to be able to walk without looking like a baby deer? *wink*wink*) 

Hope you enjoy! As always, would love to see how you recreate this look - tag me on insta my fellow fashionistas! (click on the images below to be taken directly to the corresponding websites)

xoxo - Courtney