Ever get stuck in a rut and feel like you wear the same old pieces of jewelry every day? Story of my life! I have a couple go-to pieces that I wear ALL THE TIME. I mean, I guess it's fine - but how booooring! Why not shake up your wardrobe with new pieces that you're silly not to wear? When you subscribe to Rocksbox you get 3 new pieces in every box - try them out for a while and keep what you like! Who doesn't love a good "try before you buy" situation? The best part is that my followers can get their first month free with code: somewearsouthwestxoxo

So, this is how it works -- you get to create a style profile by viewing available jewelry and then adding pieces you'd like to try to your "wish list." After you do this, your Rocksbox stylist will get to work on your first set! In a few days your Rocksbox will arrive with 3 pieces styled just for you. Rocksbox curates a mix of jewelry you'll love from over 30 name brand designers. Style your set to wear with any outfit, whether it's for work or a date night, your versatile pieces will add a fun element to your look! You get to wear the pieces for as long as you want, and then, when you're ready for your next set, just pack up your current set and use the pre-paid packing label and envelope that came with your box. Soooo easy! And, if you can't part with a piece - you get to buy it at a member-discounted price! (YEP!) Your subscription is only $21 a month and you can apply this $21 every month toward a purchase from your set. It really is a neat way to find and add new jewelry to your every day looks. Not loving it after a couple months? No problem! You can cancel at any time.

I'm so excited to be a #RBitgirl and share my great pieces with all of you! Not convinced yet? Maybe you will be after box #2 :) And, hey! Why not at least try it for one month? It's free!