Wow! It's been so long since I last wrote a blog post. My life has certainly been a whirlwind the last month and I'm happy to say I've made the move, unpacked, and am getting settled in Santa Fe! I'm a spiritual person and I have to admit that moving here was no coincidence. In fact, I've always known God has been present in my life but have never felt Him move in my life the way He has in 2017. Can I just share with you all the signs that led me to where I am and gave me certainty that I'm where I'm supposed to be?

It started in February of this year. A great friend of mine randomly, matter-of-factly told me I wasn't going to live in Las Cruces anymore (a place I've lived for the last 8 years) - she didn't know why or what that meant, she just had a feeling that my life was going to change and I would no longer call Las Cruces home. Come April, we were together again and she stopped in her tracks to say "Courtney, you're not going to live in Las Cruces anymore and it's sooner than you think" WHAT?! At this point I was starting to get a little freaked out... where was I going? Why was I going? I didn't have a reason to leave!

Two weeks later, I had dinner in Dallas with a childhood friend. Again, randomly in conversation, she asked me if I had ever thought about living in Santa Fe and went on to say that she felt like I would "really fit in." Okayyyy - well I've always liked Santa Fe but I'm not sure it was on my radar (it's always been on my mom's! She adores Santa Fe and travels to Santa Fe at least once a month) and then, I was sitting at a table and God started moving all my chess pieces for me. I was out of control (and if you know control freak me -- this was scary! And overwhelming!). But, I had faith that He would lead me in the right direction.

And, after a series of events He used to pave a path for me, I knew it was meant for me to accept a position I was offered in Santa Fe. Have I mentioned that I work in philanthropy and service to others is what motivates me, fuels my spirit and feeds my soul? I'm passionate about what I do (during the daytime, but blogging too :D ) because of the lives I'm able to impact through my work. It was a great move for me professionally and an inspiring opportunity I just couldn't pass up. 

Every morning my uncle sends out a bible verse in my family group message and one stuck out to me and kept replaying in my mind. 

"For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11

I believe that I'm in Santa Fe for the future and hope God has promised me.

That's not all though. After accepting my position in Santa Fe, I decided to wait to make an announcement on social media until I had informed certain people in my life. In the meantime, I got an email from Elaine Turner's social media manager. Are you familiar with this Texas-based brand? They have suuuuper cute jewelry, clothes, shoes, etc.! She started off the message by saying she hoped all was well in sunny New Mexico and continued on to tell me that the founder of the company, Elaine Turner, often travels to New Mexico and was so inspired by its stunning landscape and setting that she created a collection dedicated to it. She said the line launched the following day and asked if I would be interested in featuring their..... Santa Fe collection. 

HOLY SMOKES YALL!!! What in the world?! God wasn't just throwing small pebbles in my path, He was throwing large stones just in case I wasn't paying attention. Boy was I paying attention. How could I not?

Okay, last thing, my good friend that had the inclination that I'd be moving gave me a really special going away gift. Have you heard of "Jesus Calling"? It's a beautiful 365-day devotional. I had finally started to feel somewhat settled this afternoon after my family left town and knew I would spend some time this evening writing this long-anticipated post. Before, though, I told myself that I needed to spend a little quiet time and start my devotional. I read the introduction, and on the very next page.... Jeremiah 29:11

He most definitely has plans for me. What those plans are, I have no clue. And for once, I'm okay with it. Because I know the plans He has for me are for good and not for disaster...

So, back to the Santa Fe collection by Elaine Turner. Check out these pieces!! Stunning.. absolutely, STUNNING! They add a little class and sophistication to a casual outfit like this. They're perfect pieces to pair with outfits all year long - whether you live in Santa Fe or not ;)

View the whole collection by clicking here.

These pieces were a match made in heaven for me and they're going to be on repeat in my jewelry rotation. Snag yours before they're gone! I'm wearing the Sami Bracelet and the Sal Earrings. Also, check out their website - their Semi-Annual Sale is going on NOW! 

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