It seems like just yesterday I was exploring beautiful Ireland with my mom, granny, and aunt, and then again, it feels like a lifetime ago. I could never eloquently put into words just how beautiful it was... though I will try (after NYFW because quite honestly I'm barely keeping my head above water). What I didn't want to miss is the opportunity to tell you that this striped beauty is now available in the US! I feel kinda cool that I got it somewhere before it was available here, not gonna lie 🙈 

This top is going to be on repeat all fall! The stripes are fun (and red is in, just so ya know 😉). I've been doing lots of research on this fall's biggest trends and I'm loving both red and silver and have a couple orders coming in to add more to my wardrobe... stay tuned!  

I love the bow detail and I actually think this top would pretty much look great on any body type! Paired with a high waisted denim skirt or jeans 👌🏼 *killin it* (I wish I was savvy enough to add in some voice comments because I'm not quite sure anyone would fully 'get it' aka my funny - to me - inclusion of humorous voices). 

But, in all seriousness, this top is so fashionably fun and for under $30 you're gonna love me - just sayin 😏 Also, have I told you about Parker Smith jeans? They're seriously some of my new favorites! So. Dang. Comfortable. Especially when you have a food baby 😳 Okay, okay - they're just a lil stretchy and give you some extra room to work with (not encouraging you to forego your diet or anything ha!). 

Lastly, I got these metallic espadrilles in Ireland and I can't link them via BUT I've linked some super similar ones that will do the job. Hope this helps as you start to prepare for fall! It's getting cooler here by the day and I'm not complaining 😎

 'Til next time ✌🏼

xo - Courtney