In case I haven't shared enough, I am SO READY for fall. I think the brutally hot summers in southern New Mexico forever scarred me (although the mild winters will be missed). It's like you walk outside at 7:30 am and you're already sweating 🙈 So, I've gotta admit that I'm thoroughly enjoying the more mild temps in Santa Fe!  

Even though fall is rapidly approaching, if you're dreading putting away your summer clothes - don't worry! You don't have to. At least not all of them. Layering allows for seasonal versatility. In short, it keeps your sleeveless neutrals in rotation all year long. Without a trench, this top is very airy and summery - exactly what I was going for! But add a trench or thick duster and you're looking like a pumpkin spice latte. Jk but watch out fall! You're coming in hot 🔥 or at least armed (for colder weather) and stylish 😉 

I felt like a (modern) fairytale princess in this top. Don't mind me as I twirl through the streets of Dublin! Feminine and unique are always high on my (clothing) priority list. 

Would you believe me if I told you this fabulous top is under $30? Yep! It is. (Don't ponder this too long or you might miss your chance to snag this steal of a deal!) I've linked all you need to recreate 2 looks with 1 top 💁🏻 

This top will transition smoothly from summer to fall and you didn't even have to put any effort or creativity into making it happen. Enjoy, friends!  

(I'm trying to get better about more consistent blog posts but I've gotta admit, I'm staying up until 1:00-3:00 am trying to balance work, blog and NYFW 😴 Don't laugh if I make the headlines for falling asleep during a runway show 😳) 

xo - Courtney