So, it’s that time - time for me to share some pieces I’ve been loving from Art.i.fact and a couple pics I took with an awesome photographer (s/o to Morgan Hayes) in Atlanta! 

This vest. Y’all, this vest is SO good 🙌🏼 so versatile and so fun! I wanted to highlight a couple ways I would personally style it and show how it can be a little more formal or a little laid back (although I’m not sure fur is ever really THAT laid back - and I hear it all the time from my boss 😂 don’t think I realized how many fur-ish pieces I own until someone started pointing it out 🤦🏻‍♀️ lol) This fur vest can be yours - currently priced at $300 and still available 🙂 it really is a great closet investment. And, if you live in the southwest, can be worn October - March (a solid 6 months of wear every year!) 

As for this red DVF dress - it’s perfect for fall/winter and great for work. Though I would gladly wear it to a cocktail party on a weekend 💁🏻‍♀️ I’m all about purchasing things that serve dual-purpose. The pattern is fun and it’s very comfortable, win-win. At $74, it’s a super good deal for a DVF dress. 

A black scarf will never do you wrong. Especially a quality one like this Eileen Fisher scarf. Quite honestly, I wear scarfs almost every day and my most worn scarfs are a solid print - they just go with everything! This one is multi-season and I really dig the texture. Again, a great deal at $68.

Lastly, I told you guys I can never make it out without purchasing something for myself. This hat just had to come home with me. It was originally $300 - still had the tags - and I scored it for $68! I’m tellin ya, Art.i.fact truly has some of the best items I’ve ever found at a luxury consignment store. So many things that are brand new!  

So, if you just can’t live without this vest, dress or scarf give Jennifer a ring at 505-982-5000. We’re also working on a fun project so make sure to check out my story on Instagram on Friday for a sneak peek!