Another month, another Art.i.fact post – and you know this place is my favorite! So much goodness that I really couldn’t limit myself this month. Found so many fun, versatile pieces that I just had to share!


I’ll start out with this green-ish halter dress. I mean, c’mon. So cute right?! I paired it with some western vibe booties and a denim jacket, but could easily wear it with flip flops for a day on the beach. Really great for transitioning from spring to summer. Lightweight and feminine, just what I like.


Next, this denim patchwork jacket. I. LOVE. THIS. JACKET. Seriously. It’s kinda funky but super fun and goes well with almost anything – over a dress, with a white tee and faux leather leggings, ya know all the things I like to wear on the reg. This is one piece that I didn’t want to take back butttt that means it’s still available for you! It’s Cynthia Ashby and is a steal of a deal at $95.20 – woohoo!!


Diggin’ this striped Zara dress (or anything striped for that matter). So comfy, so cute. It’s great for warmer weather but can be worn on a semi-cool day layered with a trendy bomber (as styled here). Because of its versatility, now is the perfect time of year to pick up a piece like this. It just went down in price to $22.40. Snag it before it’s gone!!


Okay, gimme all the white button ups! I seriously could never have enough. Long ones, short ones, tall ones, small ones (okay lol I went a little too far) but for real. A top like this won’t disappoint and is a perfect example of the really awesome clothing you can find at Art.i.fact. Jennifer has a great eye for classic, timeless pieces. So, I never care “what season” something was from because honestly – does anyone even know the difference?


Lastly, you know I can’t ever not take home something that I style. And, this funky silky top just did it for me (got it for $38). I wore it to work recently and six, SIX different people commented on how much they liked this shirt. Yep – soooo good! I will never get rid of this top, there’s just something about it that I can’t get enough of 😊

So there ya have it peeps! My top picks for the month of March from Art.i.fact. If you’re in the area, make sure to stop by and check it out. Jennifer and Michael are so awesome and so is everything in their store ❤

xo – Courtney