Ever found jewelry that you feel like just fits your personality, style, aaaand you have a hard time narrowing down your options? That’s how I feel about Heliconia Jewelry! Gloria, who handcrafts each unique piece, is incredibly talented and has the most amazing eye (check out some of the turquoise pieces I’ve styled... all the heart eyes). Stones are one of a kind, meaning that no two earrings, rings, bracelets, etc are the same - my kind of accessories! I have an affinity for unusual, unique things. 

Not to mention, Gloria's creativity is unreal. Her designs are unlike any others I’ve seen around. And I’ve seen lots of turquoise + creative designs in Santa Fe. There’s just something special about her pieces. They're delicate and eye-catching. Simple yet so complex.  The kind of jewelry worth investing in.

Naturally I was stoked about the opportunity to collaborate! I think when I started out blogging I used to get excited about any collaboration opportunity, but I've become much more selective. I want the products I feature to be truly representative of me and my style. So, of course, I couldn't wait to photograph all of these amazing pieces and share them with all of you!


First, this necklace is one of my all-time favorite pieces. There is just something so unique about it. I liked it when I picked it out - a week later, I LOVED it. Because, it just goes with everything. Again, simple but so detailed and quite lovely. 


These earrings - they don't even need words. Got a TON of compliments. I mean, a ton. They're under $100 and the kind of pieces that will never get old. I'm quite confident they'd stay in your jewelry rotation about as long as you're on this earth. And, I think they'd get passed down to future generations (the kind of pieces your great-grandchildren will treasure and adore). They're that beautiful + delicate.


Okay, okay. This bracelet is stunning. I've never, ever seen a stone like this. Pink + green and oh-so-fabulous! The kind of accessory that has you covered - no need to wear flashy earrings or the perfect ring(s) because this one piece is simply enough. Paired with basic looks - solid whites, blacks, tans and grays - truly, can't go wrong.


Nobody could ever have enough Heliconia rings. This mint-colored stone is unreal. Kinda big, kindy statement-y and I. love. it. While bold, it's actually so easy to style and pair with both solid and festive prints. Again, an heirloom pieces that you and future generations will cherish. 


Last but not least, this 3-piece set that is crazy gorgeous. Inspired by Gloria's homeland. The semi-circle pattern is consistent throughout the collection and symbolic of the ancient Andean cultures. Worn all together or separately, you're going to get so many compliments. If you like unique designs, this is the set for you.

My followers can get 10% off their order through June 30th with code SOMEWEARSOUTHWEST. Hurry, hurry to snag your favorite pieces with this awesome deal! Make sure to check out Heliconia on Instagram to stay up-to-date on new collection releases + schedule appointments with Gloria to view the pieces in person or find out where she'll be at next!

Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

xo - Courtney